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Beom Jun

Beom Jun (1985), a South Korean artist based in Jeon-Ju City, completed his Master's degree in Intermedia Art at Kuk Min University in Seoul, Korea, in 2019.


His body of work encompasses a unique blend of abstract and figurative paintings characterized by dreamlike scenes and landscapes layered in a seemingly endless style. These artworks invite viewers on a contemplative journey amidst deeply layered mountains and alternative spaces transcending time, space, and history.


Combining landscape painting with imagined depictions, Beom Jun's art presents the simultaneous existence of visible and invisible forms. The depicted space becomes both specific and placeless, challenging our perception and blurring the boundaries between reality and imagination.


Through a process of repetitive application, wiping, and drying of paint on the canvas, Beom Jun creates undefined boundaries and unexplored spaces. This transformative practice evokes a meditative devotion, blurring the line and space between creation and exploration, and inviting viewers to immerse themselves in the mysterious spaces unfolding before their eyes.


The ceaselessly layered mountains in Beom Jun’s artworks symbolize the boundless potential and uncertainty of perpetual change. They also evoke a sense of the secrets of individuality throughout the history of human life and nature, juxtaposing joy and tragedy, darkness and brightness, sweetness and bitterness, creation and destruction within the vast scale of the landscape, leaving blurred traces in human lives and nature. These mountains and their lines remind us of an ongoing narrative history of human life and nature.


Beom Jun's artistic exploration leads him to contemplate finite and infinite space. By introducing mountains into previously infinite and empty spaces, he establishes finite boundaries and lines. Proliferating mountains fill the limited space, causing it to vanish once again. This process of repetition between emptiness and fulfilment on his canvas reflects the paradoxical transition from finite space to infinite dimensions. As physical elements fade away, the essence that remains is the infinite universe of the mind, embodied as the transcendent state of the soul.


Through his art, he encourages viewers to better understand the interconnection of existence, the ever-changing nature of life's narratives, and the mysterious motion between finite and infinite spaces. These narratives unfold through mountains, valleys, caves, streams, the air, and waves of the sea, ultimately reaching into the infinite space of the universe and resonating within our spiritual souls and minds.


Beom Jun has exhibited extensively in South Korea, and his summer exhibition in London 2023 marks his debut show overseas. He currently resides and works in Jeon-Ju City, South Korea.


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