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Charlie Marffy

A London-based British artist, Charlie Marffy (b. 1990), works across paintings, drawings, and installations exploring a wide range of psychological states. Having roots in semiotics, calligraphy, and automatic drawing, Charlie has been building a distinctive visual language playing with line, shape, and colour, to investigate identity and mental illness. 


Charlie works across the boundaries between the abstract and the illustrative. Being inspired by George Condo and David Hockney, he deciphers abstract fragments and finds paths between non-representation and the borders of illustration. Straddling the line between exaggeration and truth, Charlie sees his painting as capable of revealing the psychological biology of the painter. He says "Painting is evidence for another day, a catalyst for reflection. It is diaristic, a recording through relentless searching." 


In his system of assembling and reorganising disorder, Charlie's painting brings the temporal and the subliminal, and produces a graphic representation of ideas, thoughts, and psychological battles. 


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