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Jeah Hyuck

Jeah Hyuck is a South Korean artist, based in London and Seoul. He started his artistic journey at the University of the Arts London, completing a foundation degree in 2017. Then further completing a first-class honours degree from Goldsmiths, University of London, in 2020. 


Hyuck navigates the complexities of being part of the British diaspora. His art is deeply influenced by his personal journey of living in an unfamiliar society. Hyuck delves into the narrative of identity, exploring his own endeavours to assimilate and the internal conflict of erasing aspects of his cultural identity to mimic the behaviours of the locals. This duality of existence – between his South Korean heritage and his adaptation to British culture – is a central theme in his art, offering a unique perspective on the universal quest for belonging and self-discovery.


In his compelling series of 'brain sketches,' Jeah Hyuck offers a raw glimpse into his suppressed inner thoughts, bursting forth onto the canvas (Jang ji) with an intensity that captivates and challenges. This technique, known as automatism, sees Hyuck tapping into the depths of his unconscious mind, allowing a spontaneous and unfiltered flow of artistic expression. His method echoes the legendary American artist Jackson Pollock, known for his revolutionary drip paintings, which were born from the spontaneous acts of hand movements. Similarly, Hyuck utilises instant words, visually written in a stream of consciousness style, to convey his inner dialogue.


A distinctive aspect of Hyuck's work is his homage to his Korean heritage, particularly evident in his choice of materials. He often uses ‘Jang ji,’ a special type of traditional Korean paper, as a canvas for his painted works. This not only adds a textural depth to his artwork but also serves as a symbolic connection to his roots, blending his Korean identity with his experiences in Britain.


Hyuck has diligently exhibited his work since graduating and has been involved in solo shows in StART art fair in Saatchi gallery 2023 and Gallery artrie in Seoul 2024. He has exhibited work in Europe and South Korea, and currently lives and works in South Korea.


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