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Prachi Gothi

Prachi Gothi is a London-based artist born in Mumbai, India, who completed her Masters in Fine Art at Chelsea College of Art in 2010.

Gothi’s work explores the ephemeral bridge between reality and imagination; sourcing into themes of daydreams and fantasies that evoke suppressed emotions of longing, hope, and nostalgia that can surface in moments of solitude.

Primarily working with acrylic on canvas and oil pastel, Gothi works with a fluidity that allows for her dreamscapes to emerge with hidden objects and narratives through her use of layering and colour.

Gothi found solace in storybooks to cope with a strict upbringing. Revisiting storytime with her son reignited her love for enchanted worlds. Her paintings feature known forms and silhouetted figures, delving into the relationship between the visible and hidden to guide viewers into a dreamscape beyond physical reality, inciting nostalgia and excavating memories.

Remembering her childhood through a technicolour lens, she constructs fantastical worlds and portrays vivid colour schemes that convey a sense of wonder and enchantment, prompting viewers to ponder their own perception of reality.


Gothi's artwork has been exhibited across London, Europe, and India and is featured in multiple private international collections. She was the recipient of The Other Art Fair's 'New Futures Prize' presented by Saatchi Art in 2021 and was an exhibiting artist in the Inaugural Martin Miller X StART Emerging Art Prize at Saatchi Gallery in 2022.



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