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Su In Choi

Su In Choi draws abstract landscapes in tinted colors to create a raw and powerful energy in her compositions. Her artwork is a journey in which she explores the fleeting moments of human connection in modern society, as any such moment leaves her with a sense of impulsiveness or a feeling of chaos. A recurring motif in Su In's work is the ‘hairy monster’ which represents her desire to hide from the world. Su In often describes the world as a 'fake stage' for tragedy and frustration, saying: "I am here and my surroundings are here together. On this stage, I harbour hope without language, so I seek and expect, but I get angry and frustrated." The contradictory nature of the world around her is depicted as torrential rain, volcanic eruptions and stormy seas. Her canvas is saturated with the intense emotions she experiences after she makes a connection with others.  


Su In Choi (b. 1987) works and lives in Seoul, South Korea. She has shown her works in the StartART Fair in London in 2021, and her work was collected by Kumho Museum of Seoul in 2016. 


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