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The Moment of Co-Existence

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Gallery M Platform presents,

The Moment of Co-Existence

Trio Exhibition of Beom Jun, Jeah Hyuck, and Tong Wu

Date: Wednesday 13th – Tuesday 19th March 2024

Artist Talk : 16th March / 6pm-7pm (moderated by Tabish Khan

Location: J/M Gallery Space, 230 Portobello Road, London W11 1LJ

Gallery M Platform is delighted to present our upcoming exhibition, The Moment of Coexistence, showcasing new works by our returning artists, Tong Wu and Beom Jun, and introducing a new abstract artist Jeah Hyuck. All three artists fundamentally explore the concept of coexistence, playing with dichotomies like emptiness and fulfilment, tangible and intangible, utopia and dystopia. Contradictory notions inhabit the same canvas space, subtly juxtaposing in harmony with each artist's trajectory. Their works reflect a spectrum of perspectives shaping modern creativity, culminating in the moment of coexistence. The Moment of Coexistence weaves together a tapestry of dual narratives, exploring the delicate balance between identity, interpretation, and the ever-layering landscape of our shared human experience surrounded by philosophical, psychological and socio-political boundaries.


Jeah Hyuck's exploration of identity and assimilation mirrors the cyclical nature of automotive motions, inviting viewers to contemplate the duality of existence and the quest for belonging amidst cultural adaptation. Beom Jun's ethereal landscapes transcend the boundaries of reality, blurring the lines between the finite and infinite. Meanwhile, Tong Wu's colourful and vibrant paintings challenge our perceptions of reality by juxtaposing myth and modernity in a mesmerizing dance of contradiction. In their remarkable artistic achievements, these three artists embody their ideal gestures—opposing forces coexisting spontaneously, where the rituals of creation become transformative practices in themselves. The artists skilfully weave these juxtapositions into their artwork, envisioning a clear narrative of interconnected themes.


We warmly welcome you to the exhibition, The Moment of Coexistence, and witness the culmination of their artistic exploration into the enigmatic spaces between reality and imagination- the essence of the moment of coexistence.


For inquires please contact Mari Kim, director of Gallery M Platform


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